Saint Margaret Parish

Catholic Church

Est. 33 a.d.


Posted on: October 8th, 2011 by Father Cávana Wallace

How do I have my child baptized?

Newborn babies and children have always been baptized in the Church when Catholic parents wish to share with them the Catholic faith and way of life.

Normally, your neighborhood Catholic parish church will respond positively to your request to have your child baptized when

1. You live locally or consistently worship here on Sundays.
2. Along with your example of living everyday your Catholic Faith, you can give assurance that your child will be inspired by you to practice the Catholic faith.
3. A single parent who lives their Catholic faith can do much to inspire their children.
4. Couples, who live together as parents without Catholic marriage, should be open to considering the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony for themselves and God’s grace in family life.
5. The godparents selected already live and practice the Catholic faith and, doing so, will be able to encourage and support you and your family by their example.

When are baptisms for children scheduled?

Baptisms for the children of local parishioners and families who consistently worship at St. Margaret’s on Sundays will normally be scheduled on the first Sunday of the month. Families from outside the area who attend other parish churches and wish to have their child baptized here are asked to secure a letter of permission from their own pastor verifying that they known by him and able to fulfill the obligations of Catholic and Christian witness.

Godparent & Baptism Classes

Sometimes a parish church may ask you to attend a godparent and/or baptism class. Here at St. Margaret’s, we begin every baptism with a short interactive seminar about the sacrament along with describing the roles and responsibilities of Christian parents and godparents. By attending one of our scheduled baptisms, you can receive a certificate that you also attended our seminar and witnessed a baptism. Please confirm with your home parish if they might require additional steps from you. You may then call our parish office and inquire when the next scheduled seminar and baptism will take place.