Saint Margaret Parish

Catholic Church

Est. 33 a.d.

Parish Giving Options

As an important part of our Faith, giving defines where our priorities lie. Our Parish has been truly blessed with years of great generosity!  Our parishioners and friends have wholeheartedly supported St. Margaret in good economic times and in bad.  As we continue to grow together, the impact of earnest giving also grows!  Please consider the many ways of supporting St. Margaret. And may the Lord continue to bless our wonderful Parish!

Ways to Give

Please call the Parish office at 760-941-5560. We will be happy to tell you more about the ways you could donate. You are also welcome to use the Online Giving if this is more convenient.

Fast, Convenient & Secure

Simplify your recurring or one-time giving by using this fast and secure method.


Please call the Parish office to request personalized envelopes.

Vehicle Donations

Please call the office to easily donate your used car, truck, boat or motorhome. The vehicle does not have to be running. All we need is a title, and a few minutes of your time. A company that works with the Parish will arrange a pick up at your convenience, and issue a tax receipt upon the sale of the vehicle.

Stocks & Bonds

By making a gift of your appreciated securities such as, stocks, mutual funds or bonds, you can avoid paying taxes on capital gains that would be due upon the regular sale of such securities.

Real Property

A gift of real property can be a great and lasting contribution to the Parish. If your property such as, your house, vacation property, land or commercial property, have appreciated, you can avoid paying capital gifts tax by donating it to St. Margaret.

Real Property Donation by Deed

You can also donate your real estate to the Parish while continuing to use it. You will enjoy the satisfaction of giving, as well as the tax deduction now, rather than in the future. You will continue using the property. However, because you made a gift by deed, the property will not pass through the probate estate at death.

Retirement Accounts

Your retirement assets can help our Church grow!  As part of your estate plan, you can give an IRA, 401(k), pension or other deferred plan to a charity of your choice.

Living Trust

A living trust is a legal entity, which owns your property allowing you to maintain full control over it. It is something to consider beyond a will, as wills are subject to probate taxes, while trusts are not.

Other Ways to Contribute

There are numerous other ways you can make a lasting contribution to the Parish. Wills, designated bank accounts, as well as life insurance proceeds can all become great legacy building tools!


Please continue to pray for St. Margaret, and continue to generously support our Faith Community.  May God Bless you!